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Welcome to the AABO Portal

The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario developed this portal to connect individuals interested in a trades career, with mentors and potential industry partners. Explore the options below and sign up for an account. Already connected? Please log in.


Industry Partners

Connect with skilled Aboriginal Tradespeople

Are you looking to connect with skilled Aboriginal tradespeople? This AABO portal makes it easy to connect with individuals looking to start a new career or who are already in the field but looking for new opportunities.

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Career Seekers

Connect to an experienced Mentor

Are you considering a new career in the trades? Are you unsure if this is the right path for you and would like to talk to somebody? Sign up and be connected with Mentors in the trades you are interested in and be connected with industry partners looking to hire.

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Join AABO’s database of Aboriginal Tradespeople

For the experienced journeyperson or apprentice, you can get listed in our directory of skilled Aboriginal tradespeople. Only approved industry partners will have access to your profile and AABO will facilitate any hiring requests made to you for possible new job opportunities.

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Share your expertise with the next generation of Aboriginal workers

AABO needs experts who want to inspire the next generation of workers. Do you love what you do and want to help talented Aboriginal people to get into the trades? Register now and help out others on your own schedule. No minimum commitment required and you can unlist yourself at any time.

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